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The search for authentic Jordans websites continues. Air Jordans are one of the most popular shoes to ever be manufactured. They are just as popular today as they were when they first came out twenty five years ago. All of this popularity comes at price. First of all, the shoes are very expensive. It is rare to find a pair of Air Jordans for less than one hundred dollars. Most pairs range from one twenty to one hundred and seventy five dollars.

This high price breeds a lot of fakery in the shoe industry. Many consumers want to own a pair of Air Jordans that don’t come with a one hundred and seventy five dollar price tag. At the same time there are a lot of people who manufacture fake Air Jordans and still sell them at inflated prices, though not as high as the original Jordans.

They sell their counterfeited wares on the internet and too many honest consumers are suckered into thinking that they got a good deal, only to be very disappointed when their new sneakers arrive in the mail. That is why these once bitten twice shy consumers have compiled lists of websites that consistently sell authentic Air Jordan sneakers. By researching and cross referencing these websites you should be able to find the best sites for authentic Jordans that might still give you a bit of a discount.

In order to know if a website is legitimate it should state on the first page that all of its shoes are Nike authorized. Nike has legal people patrolling the web and they would file an injunction for intellectual property right infringement if they saw that someone what boldly saying that their products were one hundred percent authentic when they really weren’t.

What most shoes that are trying to pass of fake Nikes as the real thing call their shoes factory variants or independently licensed factory products in currently unreleased colors. This is just a fancy way of saying that their shoes are trying to look like Air Jordans without actually being Air Jordans. This legalese is often hidden in a small customer service area of the site that you might not normally visit. There are even less honest sites that don’t mention the origins of their sneakers at all and leave it up to you to decide if they are real or fake.

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