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Michael Jordan Death

Millions Will Morn When MJ Dies

The day you see the trending Twitter topic of the Michael Jordan death will be an extremely sad and black day. This legendary basketball player created a legacy that will never be duplicated. Even his sons Marcus and Jeffrey Jordan could ever carry the torch.

Millions of Air Jordans sneakerheads, NBA players and basketball fans will literally break down in tears when this day comes. You will no longer here bad things about his competitive attitude, net worth or cocky hall of fame speech. Only the best quotes and accomplishments will be highlighted from all major media and news outlets. This includes every social network available.

Of course there will be the rumors surfacing about his death being a hoax and pictures from photoshop will surely be created. However, the realization that Michael Jordan is dead will sink in very fast.

Get ready for colossal newspapers like the Washington Post and New York Times to read that famous headline “Breaking News”R.I.P. Michael Jordan. Fans, shoe collectors and lovers will want to know every detail about how he died so they will have to do serious investigations.

Unless M.J. passes away from natural causes or obvious threats like cancer due to smoking thousands of cigars, people will be pissed. Many will personally be able to live with it after awhile as long as it’s nothing to do with a murder like his father James R. Jordan.

The most important questions and searches surrounding the story will be...

- How did he die?
- Where is he buried?
- Autopsy Pics
- Death report

I personally hope that MJ is on this earth until he is 100 years old. I know that dying will happen for every human, but until that dark day...LONG LIVE MICHAEL JORDAN.

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